Multifunctional Car Cup Holder

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Multifunctional Car Cup Holder

The upper part allows for flexible stretching, shrinking, stacking and 360 degree rotation of larger objects, while the lower part maintains a stable overall structure.




  • Space-saving design
    The holder is equipped with 2 storage cups, which have a large incapacity to save space in the car and can hold two drinks at the same time. The cup holder has a reasonable design and is suitable for different car seats. It doesn't take up space.

  • Adjustable base
    The base of the cup holder can be moved from left to right. The position can be shifted and adjusted according to body space. It's the most convenient place to grab your drink and save space in the car.

  • Rotatable design instantly turns into two
    The cup body, which can be rotated 360°, multiple drinks and small items can be placed to save space.

  • Fits most cups
    Elastic cup mouth for opening and closing. The cup holder is suitable for most types of cups, thick, thin and long. Since the height of the car water bottle holder is only 6.7 cm, it is recommended not to store cups or water bottles that are too high.

  • Smart design
    Expand the ability to use cup holders to cover more storage space.

  • Shock Pads
    If there is a gap between the mounting position and the base of the bracket, the cushion foam should be used for filling to not only reduce vibration but also stabilize the bracket.


Color: black

Weight: 288g

Material: ABS


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