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With Ignition Device or Not: Included
Usage Condition: Normal Outdoor
Type: Wind Shield
Support 1: Wholesale/Retail/Fast Shipping
Structure: One-Piece
Shrinkage size: 9.5x9.5x9.5CM
Number of Users: <3
Name: Outdoor Stove
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Fuel: Propane
Feature 9: camping equipment outdoor accessories
Feature 8: tactical equipment
Feature 7: outdoor
Feature 6: material de supervivencia
Feature 5: multitool
Feature 1: camping
Feature 2: camping equipment
Feature 3: survival gear
Feature 4: hunting
Feature 15: Multi-tool
Feature 14: hiking
Feature 13: Survival
Feature 12: camping gadgets
Feature 11: travel
Feature 10: bushcraft

Expand size: 16.5x16.5x9.5CM
Disposable: No
Certification: CE

Application Method: Manual

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