360 Degree Rotation Magnetic Phone Holder

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Our phone holder lets you comfortably use your device hands-free for hours on end

Universal Compatibility

Means that you can use it with any device, from the latest iPhone to the oldest Android model

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Horizontal and vertical screens

Not only does our phone holder rotate 360 degrees for easy landscape or portrait viewing, but it also securely holds your device in place in any position.

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Strong load-bearing

Our phone holder boasts a strong load-bearing capacity, ensuring that your device stays securely in place even on bumpy rides or during intense workouts.

iPhone 14 13 12 Pro Plus Mini Car Mount Easy to use 

Storehive™ Phone Holder is incredibly easy to use , simply adjust the clamp to fit your device and enjoy hands-free convenience in seconds!

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Is the phone holder compatible with all phone models?

Yes, our phone holder is designed to be universally compatible with any smartphone model.

Can the phone holder be used in both portrait and landscape mode?

Yes, our phone holder rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to easily switch between portrait and landscape mode.

Does the phone holder come with a suction cup attachment?

Yes, our phone holder comes with a sturdy suction cup that can be easily attached to any smooth surface.

Is the phone holder easy to install and remove?

Yes, our phone holder is designed to be easy to install and remove. Simply adjust the clamp to fit your device and attach the suction cup to the desired surface.

Is the phone holder sturdy enough to hold my phone in place during bumpy rides?

Yes, our phone holder features a strong load-bearing capacity and a secure clamp design that keeps your phone firmly in place even during intense workouts or bumpy rides.

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